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which axis is the response variable

Variables and Graphing
When we plot information on a graph the manipulated variable always is plotted on the X - axis and the responding variable is always plotted on the Y - axis.

What axis does the dependent variable go on
It is supposed to go on the y-axis. Think of the y-axis as a flag pole and think of the x-axis as the ground. The ground can be independable. But you can't stand .

On which axis of a graph do you show to responding variable
By convention, the variable that is changed (the independent variable) is displayed along the horizontal or x-axis. The variable that is measured (the dependent .
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/On_which_axis_of_a_graph_do_you_show_to_responding_variable Scatter Plot
Vertical axis: variable Y--usually the response variable; Horizontal axis: variable X--usually some variable we suspect may ber related to the response .

Chapter 4 – Scatterplots and Correlation A response variable (also ...
Vertical axis: variable Y - usually the response variable. • Horizontal axis: variable X - usually some variable we suspect may be related to the response, i.e. .

Dependent and independent variables - Wikipedia, the free ...
The terms "dependent variable" and "independent variable" are used in similar but subtly different ways in mathematics and statistics as part of the standard .

Chapter 4 – Math 163 Spring 2012 Scatterplots and Correlation ...
One variable is graphed on the horizontal axis and the other on the vertical axis. The explanatory variable goes on the horizontal axis and the response variable .

Scatter Plot
The variable that might be considered an explanatory variable is plotted on the x axis, and the response variable is plotted on the y axis. Scatter plots are .

Correlation and Regression
axis, response on vertical axis. ? Each case appears as point fixed by values of both variables. Wine Consumption and Heart Attacks. ? Some evidence that .

The GBARLINE Procedure: Concepts
a left response axis that displays the scale of values for the bar statistic (based on the response variable, if specified). a right response axis that displays the .

Loading Data : Loading the Data
The SAS data set that you select must have at least four variables to be specified for the three axis variables and the response variable, the response variable .

Chapter 12 Relationships Between Quantitative Variables: Regres ...
Always plot the explanatory variable (x) on the x axis and the response variable on the y axis. • Can use colors or symbols to see the effect of a categorical .

Chapter 4 Describing the Relation Between Two Variables
The predictor variable is plotted on the horizontal axis and the response variable is plotted on the vertical axis. Do not connect the points when drawing a scatter .

IDEA » Independent and dependent variables
Jun 1, 2006 . Normal graph: The x-axis is the independent variable and the y-axis is the dependent variable. In this case, the x-axis is the height above sea .

Independent Variables and Dependent Variables
Jan 28, 2007 . Using the terms "independent variable" and "dependent variable" . variable is plotted on the horizontal axis and the dependent variable is .

Graphs Graphs are made by graphing one variable which is allowed ...
changes in response to the change of the independent variable is called the dependent variable. The independent variable is plotted along the x-axis and the .

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