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political party makeup of congress

Composition of Congress, by Political Party, 1855–2013 ...
Here is a breakdown of Congress by political party from 1855 to the present.

ThisNation.com--The U.S. Congress Quick Facts
What is the composition of the Congress in terms of race, sex, and political party? Members of the United States Congress--the House and the Senate--are .

RangeVoting.org - Political Party composition of congress
Composition of Congress by Political Party, 1855–2007. Return to . Congress, Years, Total, Dems, Reps, Others, Vacant, Total, Dems, Reps, Others, Vacant .

Composition of Congress Since 1867
This shows the composition of the House of Representatives for Congress . Another way to ascertain the political party control of the U.S. government is to .

Congress for Kids: [Elections]: Political Parties
Receive information about any changes to Congress for Kids and the other . Can independent voters take part in a political party's primary? . Make up an original title for your "response map" which includes the name of your political party.

What is party makeup of the 2009 US senate
. Political Office Holders > US Congress > What is party makeup of the 2009 US senate? . The magic number is 60 and neither party has 60 senate seats, .

Congress by the Numbers: The 112th's New Composition | Fox News
Jan 5, 2011 . The 112th Congress brings a lot of new numbers to Washington, including 94 freshman, of which . African Americans in the House; 2 Republican, 42 Democrat; 34 freshmen affiliated with Tea Parties, . Trending In Politics. 1 .

U.S. Senate: Art & History Home > Origins & Development > Party ...
1st Congress (1789-1791) . Note: Organized political parties developed in the U.S. in the 1790s, but political factions--from which . 2nd Congress (1791-1793) .

United States Presidents and control of Congress - Wikipedia, the ...
In United States history, the degree to which the President's political party has . the House of Representatives", "composition of Congress", "control of Congress .

US Congress Political Party Control
MetricMash.com chart analysis for US Congress Political Party Control 1778 to . All other data is based on the makeup of Congress party divisions at election .

CQ Press: CQ Press Congress Collection
"Map of Congress" visually displays the political party trends of the composition of the House and Senate. "Current Committees" lists congressional committees .

The 2012 Statistical Abstract: Elections
Sep 27, 2011 . 411 - Composition of Congress by Political Party [Excel 33k] | [PDF 68k]. 412 - Composition of Congress by Political Party Affiliation --States .

112th Congress — Conservative Outlooks
Dec 26, 2010 . Below the reader can see the political party make-up of the 112th Congress. The Republicans had a gain of 5 seats in the Senate, assuming .

2010 Election Changes Congressional Balance: New ...
Nov 23, 2010 . The flood of new legislators from both political parties who will make up the 112th Congress will result in one of the largest classes of new .

Congress, TDP, MIM and YSR Congress yet to express views on ...
Mar 31, 2012 . Home Minister P Chidambaram said four political parties in Andhra Pradesh - Congress, TDP, MIM and YSR Congress -- are yet to make up .

A Brief History of American Major Parties
May 21, 2001 . A Brief History of American Major Parties, Sessions of Congress. . In addition, there were no real national Political Parties prior to the Presidential . also have some effect on the political make-up of the first four Congresses).

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