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definitions of btex f2 in water

ALBERTA SOIL AND WATER QUALITY ... - Alberta Environment
3.6.1 PHC Fractions F1 and F2 .......................................................................12. 3.6.2 BTEX . Water quality guidelines are compiled or calculated in Section 5 for BTEX, F1, and. F2 for human . minimum till thickness as defined above;. Log .

ALBERTA SOIL AND WATER QUALITY ... - Alberta Environment
and xylenes (BTEX), as defined by CCME, 2000a);. •. PHC Fraction F2 (C>10 . fractions F1 and F2 in water, and PAHs in soil and water. Analyses should be .

Characteristics of spilled oils, fuels, and petroleum products: 1 ...
Measured oil physical properties include API gravity, density, sulphur content, water content, flash point, pour point, . List of Definitions . . BTEX: The collective name given to benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and the xylene isomers (p-, m-, and . The saturate fraction (F1) and aromatic fraction (F2) are calculated by mass- .

Information and Services Profile
remediation, dioxin analysis, as well as in the areas of water and air quality. . CCME Criteria Assessment which includes F1 (C6-C10), BTEX and F2, F3, . See Definitions for Trihalomethanes, Alcohols, Amines and Glycols Target Lists .

TRH/BTEXN and F1 to meet the Draft 2011 NEPM Requirements
(especially for ground water) and assess whether any variance in data is due to . TPH/BTEX parameters shaded in yellow and the new . minus Naphthalene' is now termed “F2”. To . definition of boundaries by different laboratories. The new .

Final PHC Method-Eng-Rvsd
It is not intended that the results of the PHC analysis include either BTEX or PAHs . However . F2, i.e., nC10 to nC16, as defined by this method from which naphthalene has been . The water content of certain samples may require the use of .

WATER SAMPLING Sampling Objectives • To determine the ...
defined as 1% of the LC50 for 96 hours for sensitive water-column species . Collect BTEX samples in 40-mL VOA vials, filled with no headspace or air . GC- FID (total area of FID gas chromatogram of combined f1 and f2 fractions after .

Protocol for Analytical Methods Used in the Assessment of ...
TABLE B: GROUND WATER Sample Handling and Storage Requirement. 17 . BTEX benzene/toluene/ethylbenzene/xylene. CALA. Canadian Association for . Blanks are defined as matrices that have negligible or unmeasurable amounts of the . F2 (C10 to C16), F3 (C16 to C34), F4# (C34 to C50), F4G# (gravimetric) .

RiskBased Corrective Actions for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacted ...
grained soils criteria now references the protection of ground water for aquatic life ( . Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX) are excluded from the . subtracted from the aromatics in the F2 and F3 fractions as appropriate. . Additional definitions are provided in The Environmental Management and .

Environmental Analytical Laboratories
water quality, environmental and agricultural product testing markets. . NORM is a special classification defined as Naturally Occurring Radioactive . F2, F3, F4. $75. * BTEX = Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes. GC/MS (Gas .

water, odour and impairment of soil processes such as water retention and nutrient cycling. . Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes (BTEX) are excluded from the . subtracted from the aromatics in the F2 and F3 fractions as appropriate. . Additional definitions are provided in The Environmental Management and .

Guideline for Contaminated Site Remediation
groundwater. If contaminated water is encountered, INAC should immediately be consulted. 1.1 Definitions. CCME. The Canadian Council of Ministers of the .

ATLANTIC RBCA (Risk-Based Corrective Action) Version 2
Mixtures. 20. Table 6. BTEX Model Inputs. 28 . Appendix 8 Acronyms and Definitions. Appendix 9 . alternate potable water, collection of surface water or other site-specific measures. . include BTEX. F2 ? C10 - C16 (aromatic+ aliphatic) .

REPORT ON Submitted to: New Jersey Department of ...
(MADEP), and San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board's (RWQCB)). While there is . lower attenuation factors for BTEX chemicals than those observed for non-degrading chemicals . the user-defined first-order decay constant.

Surfactant Enhanced Remediation of Contaminated Soil ...
. waste, waste water, and groundwater research, working on projects around the world. . Full LNAPL (F1,F2, F3, and F4) Range Including: BTEX,. Gasoline .

Lower Athabasca Region:
Mar 31, 2011 . Groundwater is defined by the Water Act as all water under the surface of the ground whether in . acids BTEX, PHC F1 and F2, LMW PAHs.

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