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another name for native moss basket

Evolvulus Blue Flowering Plants for Baskets
Hanging Baskets full of blue evolvulusl flowers plants for hanging basket . Blue Daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is one of our favorites and is native to Brazil and Paraguay. . Part of the morning glory family, the name “Evolvulus” means to untwist, . habit is perfect for spilling over baskets, window boxes, and other containers.

Hanging Baskets Website
Decorative Angel Moss Hanging Basket & Liner Sets from $19.99 . For something a little different but certainly dramatic consider planting a hanging basket of . Native to the Australian Outback, Strawflower is a flower with many names.

Lipstick Plant
These plants sport bright-colored flowers and are native to southern Asia, Indonesian . These plants derive their name from the peculiar appearance of the flowers (of . or lithophytes, which are grown as indoor houseplants in hanging baskets. . Another species, Aeschynanthus hildebrandii, looks different from the former .

The mission and purpose of the Oklahoma Native American Basketweavers Association . Reintroduce plants and other basketry resources in Oklahoma. . shapes in basketry and rename or identify lost names of traditional designs, symbols .

Tropical Plant Care - How To Information | eHow.com
Having many other names such as the… . of a hanging basket livens up the indoor space and provides color at varying eye levels. Native to the tropics, plants such as ferns… . Many but not all species of bromeliad plants are air plants.

Luster - The Cultural Conservancy
Janie is a well-known Houma artist and basket weaver. She uses Spanish moss to make beautiful cured moss dolls. She uses the scales of the Alligator garfish .

Many other kinds of basketry, however, maintain significant roles in Native cultures. . In the Haida language, the word for basketry rings is sgil, meaning “ wealth spirit.” These rings . Lichen, wolf moss and Oregon grape root provide yellow.

* Sphagnum moss - (Gardening): Definition
SPHAGNUM MOSS -- Various mosses native to bogs are sphagnum. . moss - A type of moss found in bogs and used commercially to line hanging baskets. . plants over another container filled with dampened sphagnum moss or pebbles.

ENH25/EP011: Native Florida Plants for Home Landscapes
Of all the states, Florida has the greatest wealth of native plants for use in the average rural or urban home landscape. Native plants . Another Florida law specifically protects sea oats and sea grapes. . Within a type they are listed alphabetically by common name. Table 1 . . Landscape Uses: Mass, hanging basket.

Tuberous Begonias - University of Minnesota Extension
Tuberous begonia species are native to tropical South America and southern Africa. . will not harm them; they need good indirect or dappled light at other times. . Moss-lined wire hanging baskets work particularly well to provide adequate .

Garden Glossary - EmilyCompost - Celebrating gardening, plants ...
Sep 11, 2011 . CROSS - Another name for hybrid, but used in much more common terms . EXOTIC - Plants that are native to other parts of the world and have . Used for the lining of hanging baskets and for air layering (i.e. Spanish moss.) .

Journal of the Polynesian Society: No. 16 Fiji Plants: Their Names ...
This is another Fijian name for the same tree, and is also a favourite medicinal . This species of Calamus seems well adapted for the making of baskets, etc. . A native moss, which is very similar to that gathered in Westland, New Zealand, .

Native Plants for Georgia Part I: Trees, Shrubs and Woody Vines ...
Ecological preservation is another reason for using native plants. . Generally accepted scientific and common names, as used by specialists in the field, are listed except in cases where . Green Ash, Swamp Chestnut Oak or Basket Oak .

Dictionary of Gardening and Plant Growing Terms and Phrases
annuals, Plants whose life cycle lasts only one year, from seed .

Common Reed: An Invasive Wetland Plant
and an increase in abundance of other native plants. • In all cases, replanting . Phragmites comes from the Greek word phragma, which means fence. • Phragmites' flowering . thatching, sandals, baskets, brooms, and matts. • Informational .

Flowers for Hanging Plants | Garden Guides
The best plants for hanging baskets generally have bushy or trailing ... . Native to South America, moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora) is a trailing plant commonly .

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